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I thought I would save some money and make the kids Valentines this year.   I had seen some really cute designs on Pinterest and thought… I can do that.

Originally, I thought I would something really cute like this…

Source: skiptomylou.org via Tara on Pinterest


I really liked the “da bomb” idea.  In fact, I went out and bought black tissue paper and pipe cleaners.  I was going to do this concept with Blow pops.  Of course, The Girl did not want to do this for her valentine’s.  She did not think it was “very valentine-like.”

So I found these bag labels that I decided to cut out and use as valentines.  She liked them.

Pretty cute and very valentine-like.

I still wanted to to do “da bomb” for my son’s valentines though.  I made up some fun valentines to go with the idea on Pixelmator.  I figured I would share them as a free printable too.  Just in case one of you wants to do the whole bomb idea and actually follow through with it.


So here is where my plan went a bit awry…   Most packs of school valentines cost under $5.  The packs that come with stickers, tattoos, or pencils sometimes cost a bit more.  The pack of card stock that I got cost $13. Of course, it contained 100 pieces of card stock so in theory the 6 pieces of paper used would make it a cheaper option.  No money was saved.  Of course, if I hold onto the card stock and make their valentines for the next few years… We could break even, right?

Who cares about the saving money part!  My “da bomb” lollipops are going to be so cute and I am sure the talk of the valentines box.  Well, I guess they would have been if I could have found the tissue paper and pipe cleaners.  The bag was in the office before I decided to organize it.  I know I put it somewhere so I would not lose it.  Thus, it is somewhere where I will never find it.  I looked for them for a while and then decided… I don’t care.  They are blow pops.  It makes since without the bomb covering them!  A bomb blows up, right?  All I know is that they had to be turned in this week and they are in.  Done.

The trouble with homemade valentines is that now it will lead to another project that I am doomed to mess up.  I am sure I will find the bag soon, so now I need to come up with a St. Patty’s day treat or craft that uses black tissue paper and pipe cleaners and perhaps some confetti card stock.