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My husband and I saw a little blurb about Tiger Woods tonight on ESPN.   It lead to this conversation.

My Husband:  They better watch out.  Tiger is single, he might be back.

Me: So you somehow think that it is the amount of “sex” helps his game?

My Husband:  Yes, if I was a golfer and heard Tiger was in Vegas having massive orgies I’d probably hang it up.  He’d be back to kicking everyone’s a** again.

Me:  Yeah, I bet he does not have a problem finding a girl now since any girl that want to hook up with him will think that “hey, he is a sex addict.  He won’t be able to resist me.”

My husband:  That is what I am thinking.  He is going to start blowing them away!

Me:  You know, I think it is really interesting that it has become a thing when a guy cheats that they proclaim they are a sex addict.  In many ways, aren’t most men are sex addicts.

My Husband: I think it is just being a dude. [thinks for a second] I mean the sex part not the cheating part, just wanted to clarify my perspective on that one.  Sex addict yes, cheating no.  But, theoretically, if I was Tiger and single, I’d dump the whole sex rehab, good living thing and get back to what worked in the past. Balls out Rick James style, “I’m Tiger woods b*tch” give me some sexy time with a bunch of ladies.  But that’s just me.

Glad he cleared up the part that dudes just want sex, but don’t cheat.   I think I am also going to have to start following Tiger’s career and see if my husband’s theory is correct.   If he is right, Tiger should win some tournaments soon!