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Today I decided I wanted to rearrange the office.  Once I started, I just went crazy.  I pushed all the furniture out into the foyer.  It took most of the day, but I think it looks better and seems to be more practical.  It also looks much less cluttered.

Since I decided to move the desk, I accidently dislodged something and so I was without the internet all day.  So, this post is a bit on the late side.  The best part of this story was that it just wasn’t plugged in… Seems like I could have figured that out, huh?

Well, despite my complete lack of computer skills I have managed to pin some great stuff on Pinterest this week.

Super Bowl


I have to admit that I really was not that excited about the Super Bowl this year.  I do not love or hate the Giants.  I do really dislike the Patriots.  I really like to see them lose.     OK, really I just like to see Belichick and Brady lose.  So I had to pin this when I saw it.

Make your own Icicles


Unfortunately, we have not had any snow days this year.  In fact, our winter has been more like spring… and you know what I miss.  Icicles. I know it may be gross, but I used to love picking a clean looking icicle and then pretending it is a popsicle.  I taught my kids the joy of icicle treats too and there were times where I am not sure they were too critical of the clarity of the icicle… so that makes this idea even more awesome.  All I need is a really cold night and we can make icicles and I don’t need to think about the dirt and other nasty things that could be hidden inside.

Camping Awesomeness

Source: coolthings.com via Tara on Pinterest


I am not much of a camper.  I mean I used to enjoy camping when I was younger and had a better back.  This tent though makes me think that even I could really enjoy camping again.  Then again… I think it would be even more tempting if included a bed and working bathroom.

A Reminder to Myself

Source: piccsy.com via Tara on Pinterest


Lately I have been finding ways to beat myself up.  I am not sure if it is because I have a lot of time to myself or what… but I have managed to beat myself up for a lots of silly little things.   I have really had a hard time just sitting down and reading… because I surely have other things that I need to do or should have done by now!  There seems to be something inside me that is always critical of me if I have down time.  I think I may be my worst enemy because the more I pester myself the less productive that I am.