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Long time… No post.

Well I really have no excuse except for the fact that I was busy with a double sleep over (where both of my kids had friends spend the night) and Super Bowl.  I also have a temporary part-time job (although it really is only an hour or two a day… so I really can’t use that as an excuse.

I also spent some time making banana bread…

I had to share the banana bread recipe with you guys!  I think it is the best banana bread that I have ever made (of course it is also the first loaf of banana bread that I have made…but that is not the point).   Seriously, I made it Saturday and it is still super moist and completely yummy.

I used this recipe, but I made it my way.  That means that I had 3 bananas that were really ripe, so I canned the whole measuring a cup of bananas and just threw all three bananas in.  Maybe that would equal a cup, but honestly I would not know.  I just know my bread turned out super yummy.

I did learn one thing from my mistakes… If you add walnuts.  Break them into small pieces before you add them to the mixture.  The mixer does not break them up for you. I really enjoyed picking the mushy batter trying to get the big pieces out so that I could break them up with my fingers.

So today as I thought about how awesome my banana bread is, I realized I did not get any pictures of it.

Terrible, huh?  So, I had to just get a picture of the last piece I had.  I really got to get better about getting pictures of my amazing cooking.