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I noticed some little red dots on my living room rug.  Immediately, I looked for the cup of red juice that I had just poured for my son and even though I located it on the counter.  I reminded my son that he had to tell me when he spills.   After spot cleaning it a bit, I noticed more red dots.  I spot cleaned them too and I added some exhausted sighs as well.  When I located more red spots (that I swear were not there before), I knew that something was a bit fishy.  My son had not moved and new red dots had appeared?

Immediately, I called my dog over and sent him outside so I could inspect him.  I had a sneaky feeling that the spontaneous red  dots were not red juice and could possibly be blood.  Just a quick look at his foot and I knew I had the culprit.  He got his nail snagged on something and it pulled it from the base.  Poor little boy!

I did not want to try and cut the nail completely off, because honestly i did not feel like getting bit, so I just tried to bandage it up with band aids so that he would not continue to track blood all around.  Once inside, he immediately chewed off the band aids.  That was not going to work.  I put him in the kennel and since it was close to the time my husband was supposed to be home, I decided that I needed bigger and better bandaging materials, and possibly I needed another set of hands to attempt to cut off the scraggly nail.

Once we were back from dinner and Walgreen’s, My husband and I attempted to bandage him up.  When we were finished he had a fat, but well protected foot.  He also had a very slippery foot, which caused him to freak out and run around the house like a bat out of hell.

That is when I had a brilliant idea! I grabbed Owen’s balloon he got for his birthday and popped it.  We then placed it around the bandage to give him some traction for his foot and hopefully deter chewing it off.  There is nothing that tastes worse than latex.

Poor little thing!

So far, he has left the bandage on and hopefully once it heals a bit and is less tender we will be able to cut the nail off.  We realized that the pressure the nail cutter would put on the nail would be way too painful for him and so we did not even attempt to cut it.

Now, I get to mop all the hardwood floors!  So thankful that I decided to stay home this year, because I know I can get it done and I didn’t have to stay up until 2 in the morning to do it.