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Yesterday I had plans to make cake pops to celebrate Owen’s birthday.  I decided to save the Lego head ones for his actual party, so I figured I would just make then different colors, maybe with a balloon vibe to them.

I have made the vanilla cake pop recipe many times, so I thought I could whip it up pretty quickly.  Unfortunately this time the batter just did not look right.  It was way soupier than it usually is.

I just could not figure out why the batter was so funky.  I checked the milk and eggs, but they did not seem to be the issue.  So I just figured I must be remembering the consistency wrong and decided just to spoon it into the cake pop maker.  

Immediately, I knew I was not crazy.  The mixture did not puff the way it usually did.  I went over the recipe again and this time I realized my mistake…  I put 3/4 cups of flour vs. the 1 1/2 cups that it called for.  Pretty big mistake.

I realized that since there are 2 recipes on each page, I must have read the chocolate cake pop recipe when I checked how much flour I needed.

In the end, I scrapped the whole project.  I did not feel like running out to get more ingredients (because I needed more eggs) and I had a mountain of dishes and no cake pops to show for it.  I did not feel like making my pile of dishes any bigger.  I was a bit defeated.

The only positive thing that came out of this lovely experience… I get to finally make a  “nailed it” picture!  I hope it comforts someone else who is baking challenged.