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So a Christmas or two ago, my kids asked for and got those oversized pipe cleaners called Fuzzoodles.  The Infomercial completely convinced them that it was going to be super fun to make animals and characters with the fuzzy bendable noodles.  It also came with all sorts of little plastic accessories like eyes and high heels.

My kids were happy when Santa brought them and throughout the time we have had them the kids have played with them from time to time (although not enough for me to say that they were a favorite toy).  Lately though, although I have been finding the blasted Fuzzoodles all over the house and yet I have not seen the kids playing them.  Every day I pick them up and place them back in the basket and then find that they are scattered around the house again by the next night.

I had my suspicions on what was going on, but did not catch the culprit in the act until last night.  Around 2 in the morning, I was awoke to a feral cry from my cat, Lemon.  I sat straight up and used my book light to see what was wrong with my cat.  Eventually, I realized that my book light was not really helping all that much and asked my husband to turn on his lamp.  Imagine my aggravation when I found my cat crooning over a Fuzzoodle.  I had wonderful dreams of throwing those babies out this morning.

This morning I still was aggrevated and so when I came downstairs and was greeted by a stray Fuzzoodle on the floor.

I can see why the cats like them... In the dark they can resemble small rodents.

I voiced a bit of my frustration.  I picked it up and threw it back in its bin and said aloud “I’m glad the cats are having fun with these.”  Seeing my daughter’s confusion, I told my daughter about the pitiful cry that Lemon my discovery that it was because he was playing with a Fuzzoodle.  We laughed and then we got busy getting ready for school.

You would think the story ends there, but after I deposited her onto the bus and headed back to the kitchen I saw another Fuzzoodle on the floor.  I reached down to pick it up and do my newest every day exercise routine (bending at the waist, picking up the Fuzzoodle and putting it back in the bin done 15-20 times daily), I noticed that this one had a note.

Look what the cat dragged in

It read…

To: Mom

From: The Girl

I had to smile.  What a sweetie!  Of course, I did consider that the gesture was really as sweet as it seemed though… She is my child.  I could totally see her giggling  a bit to herself as she made the little note and slid it on.  Of course, that makes me appreciate the gesture even more.

But, when it is all said and done… I have to admit I kind of hate Fuzzoodles.

My cats want to add that they totally disagree with me (since I am fluent in cat) and want to make sure I note that they love them and think we need another pack.