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One of my guilty pleasures is watching pageants.  Every year, I look forward to the different pageants and the little game I play with whoever I am watching the pageant with (meaning my husband).    The game is kind of like Fantasy Football.  After the introductions, you have to pick 10 girls who you think can win.  Then we watch to see which one of us chose the winner or which one of our girls went the furthest.  I would like to add that I am currently undefeated… maybe I need more competition.

It sounds like I take this whole pageant thing seriously, but really what it comes down to is that we are easily amused and my husband really doesn’t mind watching a show that is filled with pretty girls.  So without further ado… Our thoughts on tonight’s competition.

The Contestent’s Platforms

Some of the contestent’s have interesting platforms and other’s had pretty vague and boring platforms… Here were my husband’s and my favorites.

  1. When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors (Promoting Lightning Awareness): Miss. Ohio’s platform.  Lightning kills and there are lots of idiots out there who keep playing sports or keep working in the yard after they hear thunder.  Seriously, this platform saves lives and honestly I am sad that it really is a platform since really it should just be common sense.
  2. Distracted Driving… FOCUS!: Miss. Illinois’ platform is a bit vague.  What kind of distracted drivers does her platform target?  The mom’s like me that are distracted by the bickering kids or the requests to pick up something the kids dropped (which means leaning over and blindly grabbing at the ground behind my seat… or are they trying to help the texters, the make-up appliers, or radio changers?  Maybe the platform is focusing on those of us with ADHD that get distracted by all the shiny things that we pass by when we drive.  I am unsure.
  3. Volunteerism:  Several Candidates chose volunteerism as a platform… Making it the most unoriginal of the the platforms, but we have to give it to Miss. Tennessee for picking it.  As my husband pointed out… Isn’t Tennessee called “The Volunteer State”.
  4.  Reading For the Right Reasons:  New Jersey’s platform confuses me.  What are the wrong reasons to read?

Evening gowns

One of my favorite parts of the competition is the evening gowns.  I always find that there are gowns I love and some that make me wonder…

My favorites… Miss Wisconsin and Ms. Texas.

My husband was not a fan (or maybe he was being complimentary) of Miss. Florida’s dress since he remarked looked like something a high class call girl would wear.  I personally was not a big fan of Miss Alabama’s dress.  

Screenshot of an image from The Birmingham News

The bow was a tad bit too big for my taste although I think it suited her.  I can’t imagine any occasion where I would feel comfortable wearing that dress, and could you imagine having to sit behind someone in this dress at an opera.  OK, I don’t go to many operas, but I think the bow would definitely distract me in any situation… especially if I was driving (maybe Miss. Illinois could help me with that).


Ms. Texas played the piano and she was pretty good, but as she played they posted that she could play piano and hula hoop at the same time.  We think that was her mistake.  She should have brought out the hula hoop for her performance because that is a pretty good talent and would be more memorable.

Overall, my husband was not very impressed by the talent tonight.  I was mostly disappointed that none of the finalists did a fitness routine.  He told me he had never seen fitness as a talent and I really hoped that tonight he would have been blessed with that pleasure.  I also noticed tonight’s competition was also lacking in tap dancing and baton twirling… which was also very disappointing to me.

The Winner is…

Finally, I have to congratulate the winner… Miss Wisconsin.  I thank you for helping my fantasy Miss America team beat my husband’s team and allowing me to remain undefeated.

We think that you will do great things in the future!  We also think that you have a good shot at a Target sponsorship.