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I hope you don’t mind my new name for you… I feel like you are big enough to deserve a name.  You also remind me of that awful hybrid on Vampire Diaries that has also overstayed the welcome he got in Mystic Falls. 

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I know I may be being a bit overdramatic about your presence, but I feel like I have tolerated your presence and have given you enough time to lounge around and find yourself.  I feel like it is about time to give you an eviction notice.   I am fond of my chin and I feel that you are overstaying your welcome and stealing all of my chin’s attention.

Actually, I find it a bit rude how you seem to be taking all of my chin’s space and flaunting your redness so much that even concealer is unable to hide your constant attempts for attention.  I am not sure if you got the notice, but my chin is in it’s thirties and I think you would be much more confortable on a younger chin.  Younger chins need you to contribute to the whole “teenage angst” thing.

I don’t get out much anymore, so really the only attention you can get is from me and I think you seem to need more attention than I can really provide.

I feel I have been nice to this point, and I really don’t want to resort to expensive measures that will add to my quick beauty routine… but I have heard of Proactiv (yes, I feel you shuttering) and I am not against the use of expensive beauty products to expel you.   I think your whole zit community might get mad at you if I use this type of measure.  I have heard that there is a body wash as well, so you may want to warn your cousins, who have made their home on my husband’s back, that they are going to be evicted to soon because of your selfishness.    Will your whole families loss of house and home be worth it?  I think not.

So I will leave you to think about it.  You have 3 days to vacate the premises, or at least declutter and move some of your baggage out.  I don’t mind you staying as long as you allow my chin to resume its normal size and relinquish your time in the spotlight.


Tara (a blemished Domestic Goddess)