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I got a bit spoiled by the unseasonably warm weather this weekend.   I am not happy about the cold weather that has headed back into town.  Alas, it is winter so I guess it is supposed to be cold.  I don’t know if it is because of the weather or time of year, but I have been pinning a lot of things that just make me laugh.  I am also cold so I have noticed a lot of warm cozy spaces and I am always looking for clothes and accessories that make me warm.  At any rate here are my most notable pins of the week.

Ryan Gosling… Hey Girl!


I knew about Ryan Gosling before Pinterest, but I have to admit I never gave him much of a second thought.  Since I have been on Pinterest, I have noticed that many pinners love Ryan Gosling and I also noticed that there are quite a few things that Ryan likes to talk about.  He seems to know about feminist theory, crafting, books and what makes librarians happy, and has some great pick up lines.   I admit that I had no idea that he was so well-rounded and so thoughtful of a woman’s needs.  I found a few of the memes pretty humorous and finally pinned Ryan on some of my boards.

I also decided I should get in on this Ryan Gosling craze….

See, he is so understanding!

Red Solo Cup

Source: someecards.com via Tara on Pinterest


I am not one of those people that stays abreast on up and coming music… So I will admit to being quite confused when after the ball dropped the party shifted to a whole bunch of people weilding Red Solo cups watching Toby Keith sing.  I could not tell if this was  a real song and if it was real, was I mistaken or was the song about plastic cups?  Well, it is indeed a real song and a catchy song too.  I have since found the lyrics and song on Youtube, so if you are like me and was missing out on the Red Solo Cup Craze… then feel free to watch it so that you will not look as confused as I did when it comes on the radio or at a party.

No Knit Scarf


It is cold out there… so how about a cute scarf idea that does not require knitting.  I love the chunkiness of the scarf and I love that I can make it without knitting.  It is definitely something I want to try.

So at some point this week my plan is to grab a red solo cup and party by watching a Ryan Gosling movie (and if I get really ambitious I can even try to make this scarf as I watch the movie).  Of course, I am such a wild partier that the red solo cup will probably be filled with Dr. Pepper, but hey it is the mood the cup brings, right?