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I realized that I messed up the title for part II.  I think my brain is still on break and I have been having problems with my little cooking experiment today.  So, I combined their titles… Done!

Now, Let’s finish this Pinteresting Tuesday “Best of” list, shall we?

My Style:  Comfortable Mediocrity

Source: squidoo.com via Tara on Pinterest


Enough said.  Seriously, if you have read any of the blog posts I have posted here you would agree that I get a lot of cramps (figuratively speaking).

Things I Would Love to Make or Do:  Lost Socks


We always have a ton of lost socks.  I love this idea!  The shameful sock who lost its mate is displayed for all to see.  Kind of like those missing persons pictures on the back of milk cartons…   It also gets the lone socks out of the mix.   My biggest worry is that I will not be able to make it big enough to hold all of our lost socks.

Celebrities I love: Ian Somerhalder (Damon)

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I love The Vampire Diaries and I love the bad boy with a heart… Damon.  He is some kind of cute.   I, personally, would trade any sparkly vampire in for him.

Quotes to Quote:  Happy People

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When I decided to stay home this is the precise thought I had. My job enabled us to have a lot of nice things. Great clothes! Lots of toys! Yet, I was not happy. Even if he will not admit it, my husband was not happy. My children were happy, but not happy like kids who have more time at home are happy. So, even though it is hard to pass up that cute outfit or not go out to dinner quite as much, I think this is what I try to remember.

I think the Pin Speaks for Itself:  Pinterest


That sounds about right. In a way, Pinterest enables adults to use their imagination. Don’t we all need a little time to use our imaginations.  Of course, I think this pin is a little sexist… there are plenty of men that love Pinterest too.

Movies and other Pop Culture References: The Hunger Games


I am so excited about this movie.  I love the books (if you have not read them then I think you should soon).  March cannot come quickly enough.

Blogs Worth Reading: The Bloggess

Source: thebloggess.com via Tara on Pinterest


I have a lot of favorite blogs, but The Bloggess remains my favorite.  She is funny, genuine, and perfectly imperfect.  I even got my husband reading her blog now.  Although, I would recommend all the blogs I pinned because they all make me smile.

Helpful Hints:  Folding Fitted Sheets

Source: stephmodo.com via Tara on Pinterest


I suck at folding fitted sheets, so I just love that there is a tutorial out there for people like me.  Although, After reading Jill’s post, I am thinking I may just be predisposed to never folding fitted sheets correctly.  At least now I have an excuse if I fail to learn how to do it from the tutorial, right?

Keeping the Kids Happy:  Microwaving Ivory Soap

Source: wendolonia.com via Tara on Pinterest


I so want to do this! I mean look at this kid’s face…It is beyond happy! I just need to remember to pick up Ivory soap when I go to the grocery store. This will be one experiment in the kitchen that will be done in 2012.

Pure Awesomeness: Pee Alone


Why is this Awesome? Well, first of all it is so true for me and I don’t think I could have said it better. Even though I have a few hours to myself during the day, I still do not get to pee alone. My cats have decided that when I use the bathroom is when they need some love time. That means they race from wherever they are in the house to join me in the bathroom to get a scratch on the head or rub against my leg. My dog hates to be left out… so he joins our little bathroom party too. I did used to want it all, but I would trade it in for some uninterrupted bathroom time. Sad, isn’t it?

I Tried Not to Laugh, but I failed: Optimistic about 2012

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I actually am a bit optimistic about 2012. I am hoping that it brings you and I both many great memories and wonderful times with family and friends.

I am done… well, pretty much. I am sure I forgot a few boards, but I decided I am fine with that. I hope my pins allowed you to glimpse a bit into my soul (a bit over dramatic, I know) or at least helped you to get to know me a little better.

Also, I am working on making Pinteresting Tuesday into a linky party. So hopefully, you can join and share your pins with me.