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Since it is the beginning of the New Year… I decided I would share more than just three pins this week.  In fact, I have chosen my favorites from each of my boards (I did not count my kid’s boards though).  I have a lot of boards so it may take me a few posts though.

Products I Love:  Instagram



This is a board I use to put products I want and the products I love so much I have to proclaim it to the world though pinning it! I love Instagram.  It is a fun and simple way to make my cell phone pictures look just a bit more interesting.  What is even more exciting is that are so many new and exciting ways to use the pictures after you have taken them.  Magnets, cell phone covers, postcards, stickers and you can even print them onto canvases to display as your own personal art. If you have an iphone and do not have this app, then you should go to itunes and download it. It’s a free app!

Finally, it is a great way to share pictures with your friends. You can share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or through the newsfeed. Once the picture is shared… then pin it.

Favorite Places and Spaces:  A bathtub to dream about…


When I win the lottery, I want a beach house with this bathtub.  I would love to take a bath outside surrounded by the sea (and high walls).

Books and Other Bookish Stuff: Book Hoarding


It really is a problem. I don’t have enough shelves to stash my books anymore. That is okay, because I have an idea. It is pinned on another board…

For the Home: An idea for finishing our attic


The pin shows the shelves filled with crafting supplies. I see it filled with books. I love how the shelves fill the whole wall. When we get around to finishing our attic (which is not in the near future), I will get my bookshelves.

Just for Fun:  Things you can do on an elevator


So this list cracks me up.  I think it would be fun to do some of these things or to be on an elevator when a stranger happened to do some of these things.  Oh the looks we would get…

Alright… If I don’t post this now I won’t get anything up for Pinteresting Tuesday.   I am hoping to have all parts up today, but it may be a pinteresting week rather than just a Pinteresting Tuesday.