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Alas… There are more pins to highlight from 2011.  I am dedicating this post to my holiday boards and gifts.

Love and Valentine’s day: I Dig You

Valentines Day is almost here and aren’t these the cutest things since sliced bread?  I am thinking that these would make sweet presents for my kids’ teachers.  Although, I think they would make a great anytime present for kids.

Gifts for Everyone:  Using balloons as a bow


For 2012, I am only going to wrap presents in that brown mailing paper or newspaper.  Why?  There are so many cute ideas for wrapping out there, and I hate all those rolls of unused wrapping paper I have sitting around.  I buy a roll of wrapping paper and then I find I use it once and then the roll gets lost in the clutter in the back of a closet.  So when I need to wrap a present I either can’t find it or it is not the right occassion.  So for a kid’s birthday, I think this balloon bow is so festive and cute.

Spring and Easter Ideas: Spring Wreath


OK, I am one of those people that has a bare boring door most of the year (except at Christmas).  I want to change that.  So, when I found this wreath… I was inspired.  I have a month or two to make it.  I should be able to do it.

Yumminess:  Lemonade Cake

Source: myrecipes.com via Tara on Pinterest


I am thinking this may be the ultimate summer cake.  I love the idea of a lemonade flavored cake (really I like lemon flavored anything).  I guess I will try this out when the weather gets warmer.  Right now, I am all about Hot cider and Hot Chocolate.

Christmas Just Got Better!: Minivan Express

This year we never got out to see any of the houses with tacky Christmas lights.  I know, you are pretty disappointed in me.  I will take them next year and it will be a production.  I am so doing this idea!  I love it.

I did it! (pins I actually tried to make): Clipboards!!!


I made these for teacher presents this year.  They did not turn out half as polished as these are, but they were cute.  I have to figure out how to Mod Podge paper without getting the air bubbles.  It is a learning process.

Ideas I love:  Getting Paid

Source: someecards.com via Tara on Pinterest


Oh, getting paid for pinning things to Pinterest would be awesome!  Anyone know someone who would be interested in paying me?

UPDATE (1/4/12)   I forgot Halloween!

Halloween Just got better: Zombie Pumpkins


I just love these little guys!  I definitely want to make a few of these pumpkins next year.

Well, one more post to go and I should be finished with my year end review.  If you missed part 1, you can click here and see more great pins.