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It is New Year’s Eve and I suppose I should be thinking about what resolutions I will try to do this year.  I really hate doing resolutions.  In the past, I have not been creative with my resolution making. In fact, the resolutions I have made since college are on this top ten resolutions article.   Talk about not being unique.

On top of being completely ordinary and non-creative with resolution making, I also never followed through with any of them.  I would always pretend to care about them and make a solid effort for maybe the first few weeks in January, but by February I had either forgotten the resolution or I got distracted with some new project or life event.  Resolutions or really even goals were really not a strong suit for me (especially when unmedicated) in the past.  Goal setting requires some planning and organization and honestly those are the big reasons I still see a shrink every other month.  He gives me homework to do like make a plan for this or that…which I usually forget to do.  The only goals I even barely attained were the ones where my job or my life depended on making the goal.   You see if there is no one overseeing my completion of a goal, then I really don’t care if I complete it.  My Psychiatrist really is not much into overseeing the homework he gives… usually it is just a question I answer with a “well, I tried but…” response and we move on.

I am not intrinsically rewarded by reaching a goal or completing a resolution.  I am really apathetic to whether I do it or not.  In the past, I always resolved to lose weight.  Did I fret when instead of losing weight I ended up gaining weight… not really.  Two years ago,  I really thought I was going to make a good effort.  I created a blog and tried to find gym partners and although I started off strong, I soon lost interest in the gym or keeping up with blogging.  Last year I actually would have attained my goal to lose weight if it had been a resolution.  Funny, how that works.

So this year, I wonder if I should even try to make a resolution.  If I did, what should I do?  Should I go with the good ole’ standby resolutions or should I try to be more original?

I could make a resolution to do a marathon this year, but I know I would never actually put effort into it.  I could care less about running or being able to say I ran a marathon.

I could make a resolution that I learn some new skill, but I honestly don’t have a clue what skill I want to learn.  Hmm.

I could make a resolution to cook more and declutter and organize my house, but I am already trying to do those goals so I feel that is kind of cheating since it is not a real “New Year” resolution.

I think I have come up with a resolution though…

I resolve to try to complete something I want to complete.

Now, that is nice and vague (and not on the top 10 list either).   I like it!

I think 2012 will be a year I keep my resolution.

Yep, starting off 2012 like Success Kid!

May you do as well on your resolutions as I am going to do on my resolution!

Happy New Year!