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I have a friend who told me of a little conversation she had with her 7-year-old daughter on a road trip to The American Girl Place*… Here is an excerpt:

Mom: What song do you want to listen to next?
Daughter: How about “Fuck You by Cee Lo”?
Mom [whipping around in her seat]: What? No, that is not the name of the song!
Daughter: Well, that is what he looks like he is saying!
Mom: Well, that is not the song. [she put on the Kids Bop Version] See, it’s “Forget You”!
Daughter: Oh, it’s “Forget You”.

You see, I know that this friend had accidentally let her daughter watch the “F*** You” video one day. I also know she deeply regrets the decision now and will only let her daughter watch Kids Bop videos from now on. Her husband thinks that the whole conversation is utterly hilarious (probably because it happened on her watch).

*I know that it may seem suspicious that I happen to be writing this as I am on a road trip to The American Girl Place with my 7-year-old daughter. Just a coincidence, I swear!