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I got some really great stuff this Christmas! I got a new camera.

My awesome camera from my husband and kids

Which I am slowly learning how to use, and so far it has taught me that there is a lot I forgot about when it comes to using film cameras.

I got some new clothes… that actually fit.

I got a really cool new popsicle maker… so you can guess I am going to have some yummy popsicles this summer! Watch out, Martha Stewart!

Yum! Now I get to be really creative with my popsicle making!

One thing that I got that was not a favorite present is a cold.  It started with a runny nose on Christmas morning and then I felt progressively worse as the day went on.  Today I feel like dung.  That is why this post is so short.  It is about time for me to lay down and feel sorry for myself again.

Yep, this sucks!

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Hope all your holidays were happy and that you got all sorts of great things under your tree!