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We are still waiting out our kids so that Santa can come… They are such night owls! I wonder where they got that from?

I figured I would share a few of our Christmas Eve Traditions with you guys while I wait…

One Present

Every year on Christmas Eve my kids are allowed to open one present.  This year my daughter opened a present from her brother which contained a Monchichi (if you remember those cute monkey/baby dolls from the 80’s), a skirt for her, an American Girl dress, and 3 books.  The Boy opened a present from his sister which contained a Lego set… which his father helped him put together immediately.  Toward the end of the day, my son realized how unfair the exchange had been noting that she got a lot of presents from him and he only got one lego set from her.  At 5 and 7, they still see everything in quantities rather than quality.  We pointed out that he still had a present from her under the tree from her.  His remark…”Well there had better be lots of stuff in that bag, since I got you lots of stuff.”  Now that is some Christmas spirit if you as me!  He will probably not appreciate the lone pair of house slippers that are in the bag, but hopefully the loads of other toys and presents will distract him.

Asian Eats for Dinner

Every year my in-laws join us for Christmas Eve dinner.  We could do a traditional dinner here at my house, but we prefer to hit one of the few restuarants that are open Christmas Eve… Asian Restaurants.  Usually, we do Japanese food, but this year we hit the Mongolian Grill for a yummy buffet of great food.

Christmas PJs

All dressed for bed... but not looking that tired.

We always do Christmas PJs for Christmas Eve.  I used to do the matching PJs, but as they got older I just get ones with a Christmas or winter theme.  This year was no exception.  They kids loved getting dressed for bed in their new jammies.  They even posed for a picture before heading upstairs.  Monchichi joined in the picture as well because he has joined The Girl in all the activities of the day.  He is now tucked in his new bed for the night.

Cookies for Santa

Oh crap!  I knew I forgot something.  Usually we leave out cookies and milk for Santa, but it looks like we forgot this year.  I think he will be fed enough at all the other houses he visits… so I am not going to worry about it at such a late hour.   Although, I may leave out some carrots for the reindeer.

Enough about Christmas Eve, right?  It is now midnight and the kids are asleep and all is quiet so it is time for the magic to happen.

A little while later…

I think they will be pretty happy in the morning.

And after my little break to be Santa, I will end this post with the wish that you all have a very Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah (whichever you celebrate).