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I really love the Christmas holidays… I really do.

Although, I tend to have some “bah humbug” moments each year.  Things that I am supposed to love doing (because most people love doing it), I find horribly draining.

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Here are some of my “Bah Humbug” moments from this holiday season.

Christmas Cards

I have several friends who just don’t do cards anymore.  I am a bit envious of them.  My husband thinks we should stop doing them as well, but I can’t get myself to give up this tradition.  Don’t get me wrong, I kind of hate doing them.  My hand cramps up from writing all the addresses down and I always get them out late.  In fact, today I started on our Christmas cards for this year.  They will be late again, obviously.  This year I decided to do the cards where you stick a 4 x 6 picture on the front.  This has been very tedious, especially because the cards I have require a special protective paper to be enclosed with them to protect the picture and I guess the little ribbon detail.  Furthermore, I forgot that by doing these cards I have to sign them rather than have our names printed on them.  I have been overjoyed by the extra writing I have been doing.

See, I am a grump.  You may be asking yourself why I do them then… well, I do them because I love getting other peoples cards.  I guess I assume that if I don’t do them, then other people may stop sending them as well.  I look forward to the cards we get from our friends and family, and I think that others must also look forward to getting our cards (because who would not want one of our awesome cards, right?).  So, I will keep on doing them and I will try not to complain (too much).

Wrapping Presents

Each year I think I am going to get super creative with wrapping presents.  I pin pictures of creative $ saving wrapping ideas, I buy coordinating paper and bags, and sometimes will even splurge for some fancy ribbon.  Not this year, my husband and I wrapped presents last night and we were both in a “bah humbug” kind of mood.  Each present got a smashed bow and the lucky bags got some plain white tissue paper.  So much for beautiful packaging for gifts this year.  I want to be the person I used to be that spent time coordinating wrapping paper so that they looked beautiful under the tree, but this year time seemed to slip away from us.  We lacked the extra money and time to really give loving care to wrapping presents.  Maybe next year, right?


I started off the season pretty well in the baking department.  I made cake pops for the bake sale at my kids’ school and then more cake pops for gifts… and then winter break hit and the kids were home with us full time.  I still have a bit more baking to do, but I am dragging my feet.  I have changed my plans so that baking is really not baking at all anymore… rather it is just putting chocolate on pretzels.  That is better than buying cookies or repackaging cookies that others have baked (although the cookies my mom brought us last week were sure tempting to just regift).  I should not admit this but I did that last year, I got cookies from kids and coworkers and then when in a pinch… I packaged them up and gave them as a gift from me.  I looked like I was such a great baker!  The same people this year may wonder what happened to my awesome baking skills when they get their pretzels, but at least they will be getting my own handiwork.

So, there you have it.   Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I really need to snap out of my sorry state.  Hopefully, the joy on my kids faces when they open their Christmas Eve present will get me back into a merry mood… or maybe I just need some spiked Egg Nog.