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I am posting my Pinteresting Pins on Monday this week… not because I am too excited to wait until Tuesday, but because we will be on the road tomorrow.  My husband’s grandmother’s visitation is tomorrow night and I am thinking that I will be too busy to think about pins or even blogging  (although it will be a long drive so I am guessing I will be tweeting quite a bit).

I did happen to pin some great things so I thought I would share them early, because I like to think that you find them interesting… or rather Pinteresting.

My Favorite Homemade Ornament


I saw this pin (actually several similar pins) and thought they looked like a great thing to make, but I did not think I would have time to make them this year.  Then I went to Crate and Barrel and found these little flasks and decided I was going to make them.  The little flasks were so cute.  The little trees were harder to find than I thought they would be, but I ended up finding trees for a Christmas Village at Micheals.  Of course, the package of trees had 20 or so trees of varying sizes and so now I have a ton of trees and not enough projects to use them all.  My husband is beyond estatic that I have added to the clutter of the house… but at least the package was 50% off.  Now I am thinking I need to pick up some apothecary jars to make snow scenes so I can use the bigger trees.  Isn’t that the biggest problem with crafting… one project always leads to another.

And Now My Kids Want to Pin Things…

Source: google.com via Tara on Pinterest


This is the picture that led to creating two new boards.  My son saw this picture and he just laughed and giggled… He thought this was the funniest picture.  Dogs in silly costumes and Legos equals awesomeness in my son’s eyes.  He wanted to see more Lego pictures.  After several minutes of looking up lego pictures, I said “I will tell you what. Why don’t I just make a Lego board and we can keep all the Lego pictures you like there.”  He thought this was a fantastic idea.

When The Girl heard about this…she was not amused. Here is the thing, my kids are all about being fair (of course, only when it suits them).   It was unfair of me not to alert her immediately when I made him a board, so that she could have a board too.  All was well again once I created a board for her too.  Now that she has a board, she has no interest in pinning stuff to it. Of course, when she does want to pin stuff it will be there.

Once Upon A Time There was a Huntsman…

Source: imdb.com via Tara on Pinterest


I have been totally addicted to the show Once Upon a Time on ABC. One of the characters that I wanted to know more about was Sheriff Graham because I could not figure out which fairy tale character he was going to be.  I finally got my wish with the last episode.  I found out that he was the huntsman from Snow White… You know the one who choses not to kill Snow White and instead brings the Queen a deer’s heart.   I was really hoping that there would be a romance starting between Emma and him.  Of course, he dies at the end.  I mean come on people!  I saw people because I am not sure who made that decision.  Of course now, they are taking a break until January 8th… so I will have to wait until then to find out if there is some loophole that will be able to save him.  Not nice!  So for now, I have a pin for him.   Hopefully, he will be back in January.

Well, I won’t make you wait until January for more pins.  No, you just have to wait until next Tuesday.