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I really love animals.

I really do.

I cry when they die on TV or in movies.  In fact, I still remember how traumatized I was when that brilliant 1st grade teacher showed Where the Red Fern Grows to the class.  I cannot bring myself to watch it again to this day.  I cry when I read books about them and they die (especially if the book is a non-fiction book… remember Dewey?)  I have a problem.

So crying during movies and when I read books is not so bad…. I am sure others do that too.   My problem is that I have never hit an animal when driving my car.  It isn’t luck.  It is because I will slam on my brakes or swerve.  If you are driving, I tend to yell at you to watch out!  One time, when my husband was driving, I grabbed the wheel  to swerve the car to avoid a squirrel and… Let’s just say he was not happy and I know to never to do that again.

So it should not come as a surprise that as I drove home from delivering my yummy cake pop creations (gifts for my kids’ teachers) I stopped my car (in the middle of a usually busy 2 lane road) when I saw a squirrel sitting on the lines.

Not actual picture of my squirrel....because stopping in the middle of the road to take pictures would be unsafe. (image found on ericwilliamsblog.wordpress.com)

Don’t worry, I did check to make sure that there weren’t any cars behind me.

Well, I sat there for a second and the squirrel did not move.  He just looked at me.  I made a hand gesture to let him know that I would let him pass in front of me, but he still just sat there.

At this point a big yellow school bus was dast approaching from the rear, so I knew I had to start moving.  I honked my horn to give him another chance to go across the street, but the squirrel was not interested in moving.

So I said a little prayer that the squirrel would run the other direction and started to drive slowly.  To my amazement, the squirrel just sat there and watched me pass and then started across the street behind me.  I breathed a sign of relief as I watched him briskly make his way to safety.

Then the stupid thing stopped in the middle of the lane.  The yellow bus was getting closer and although I wanted to avert my eyes… I watched as he frantically ran back in forth trying to figure out which way to go.  Poor little squirrel… I hope that your survival instincts kicked in and you just laid down and let the bus pass over you, but I fear that was not the case.

Now I am sure there is a life lesson in this story somewhere or there has to be a “Keep Calm” poster out there that relays the message that can sum up the moral of this story.

How about this one?

Although I love Olly Moss' version, it is not quite the message I was going for.

Nah!  It fits, but I am thinking the message is more like this one.

One squirrel's bad decision is a vulture's good fortune.


May all your decisions be good ones!