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I gave the Elf to my husband last night… I just was too tired to be creative.

When I woke up, I found that the Elf had decided to have a poker game with some of the toys.

The Elf is teaching the nice toys of our play room how to gamble… Nice.  In fact, I can see my husband thinking of a way for the Elf to be a “bad” influence.  He probably giggled to himself as he set it up last night, because he could not wait to hear about my reaction.

Well, my kids thought it was really cute that the Elf was playing a game with the dolls and they thought it was even funnier that they were using their tokens as part of the game…

You see as a behavior system, they earn poker chips as tokens when they help clean, do homework, or if they are caught being nice to each other.  They thought it was real creative of the Elf to use tokens in that strange game he was playing.

Have I mentioned how much I love my kids?  If I haven’t, I should mention that I do.  Their sweet innocence just makes me smile.