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In the late hours of the night…

Me:  Can you get me the elf? I can’t reach it.

My Husband: [gets elf and shakes his head at the mess on the floor] What are you doing?  

Me:  [spreading out flour on the floor to make it look like an elf snow angel] I saw this on a pin.  I thought I would do it.

My Husband:  Well, have fun cleaning that mess up tomorrow morning.

Me: Well, I won’t be able to clean it up in the morning because I am not allowed to touch him.  We have to wait until he moves tomorrow night. 

My Husband:  Well, I hope that we are planning to go out to dinner tomorrow then. [indicating that the placement of the snow angel is blocking use of my daughter’s place at the table.  

Me:  Yeah, that was the plan.  99 cent kid’s meals at the mexican restaurant on Tuesdays.  There is a method behind my madness. 

Oh, he looks like he had fun!

Lesson of my story:  If you want to go out for dinner…Make sure the Elf makes a big mess near or on the dinner table.