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Don’t the weeks just seem to fly in December?  Someone posted that there is only 12 more days until Christmas… and well, that seems a bit soon for me.  It is like the months of the year are in some relay race and December is the Anchor leg (and deservingly so because it is fast).  February and its 28 days, doesn’t speed along like December does.

Well, anyway it is time for me to share some great pins I found this week on Pinterest.  That is what you guys really want to see, right?

Peppermint… My Favorite Holiday Treat


Every year I can’t wait to bring home that first bin of Peppermint Ice Cream.  I love the stuff, but the ice cream makers feel it is only worth selling at Christmas time so I have to eat it like it is going out of style for a month (which usually means adjusting my belt and wearing my fat jeans.  This year my kids have joined me in the peppermint ice cream eating frenzy…which means buying a new bin of ice cream every 3-4 days.  I was not kidding about eating it like it is going out of style.

So, imagine my happiness and embarrassing display of joy when I came across this pin for a peppermint marshmallow ice cream sauce.  Yeah, it was a good thing I was alone in the house at the time.  It involved a bit of uncoordinated dancing and maybe even some explicatives.   I think I will wait and try this recipe out once my beloved ice cream is no longer available, because as good as I think it will be… it still will not be peppermint ice cream.

A Soldier Came Home


My dear friend welcomed her husband home from Iraq on Saturday.  It was a wonderful day for her, her children, and especially her husband.  They are all truly heroes in my eyes.  He is a hero for serving our country, and she and the kids are heroes for supporting him.  She pinned this the other day and honestly I think it says it all.

Both of my parents were in the Navy and I have always admired them for serving our country which was something I was unable to do with my allergy to a common food, heart condition, and asthma (not to mention that I am not the athletic type so I probably would not have made it though boot camp- but I have a letter that allows me to say I could not join due to my medical issues).

At any rate, I am  glad to have the men home in time for the holidays.  It is truly going to be a special holiday season for them and their families.

What Girls Like Me Say

Source: youtube.com via Tara on Pinterest


I just saw this pin and watched the video today and laughed out loud (I wrote it out because I actually did laugh out loud).  Yeah, I say most of those things… on a daily basis.

This video makes me appreciate my husband even more… because he is often on the receiving end of many of those comments (especially the computer ones) or standing by as an old friend and scream and embrace.

So there you have it… It has been a week of delicious indulgence, relief and happiness, and I also had one of these days too…

Source: quoted.soup.io via Tara on Pinterest