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I had book club tonight and I really wanted something yummy and festive to bring for the potluck.  Thankfully, Pinterest was there to lend a helping hand.  I had pinned a picture of a veggie pizza wreath some time ago, and thought it would be a great time to try it out.


Mine did not turn out as big… obviously they used 2 tubes of crescent rolls.  Of course, that is what  the recipe says to use… I should have read that better.  Huh?  It was not a big deal though, since there were only nine of us… and I would have had a lot of leftovers if I made one that big. I also am not sure I would have a serving platter big enough for that wreath.  I used my biggest serving dish and it barely fit the wreath I made.  I am seriously lacking in the serving ware department, aren’t I?

This recipe could not be easier to do and it is really quick to make as well.  I totally would recommend making it if you are asked to bring something for a christmas event.  I got good reviews from my friends (although I am not sure if I should believe them considering that I had leftovers… There were nine pieces and somehow I had three left).  No, I tried it.  It was good.

Yeah, softened cream cheese probably would have made for a better presentation. Live and learn, right?

My only tip would be to let the cream cheese sit out for a bit before spreading it onto the crescent rolls.  I found out the hard way that crescent rolls dislike (meaning they get smashed and break apart) having cold cream cheese spread on them.  Oh wait, “softened” cream cheese is in the recipe too.  I really need to refer to the recipe more when I cook.  So the lesson you should learn from my experiment… read and follow the recipe and you will be fine.