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The kids ate every bite... What is not to like?

I posted this picture to my FB page found that surprisingly people were not chomping at the bit to find out where I bought this scrumptious prepared meal from.  I was shocked!

My husband has always had a strong opinion about molded rib-shaped meat** and always cringes when they announce they are bringing back the McRib.  I usually will pick one up just to spite him and watch him squirm as I eat it… because I am that kind of wonderful loving wife.

So when I found this gem in the frozen food section, I had to get it.  You see… my kids love molded meat.  They always eat up meatloaf.  In fact, they cleared their plates tonight.  No complaining (except when I reminded them that they had to eat some corn too).  It is molded meat… just like a hamburger, turkey burger, or meatloaf.  How is this any different…other than the meat it consists of?

So I thought I would ask… Would you serve this in your home?  

**Actually, my husband also has issue with chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs or other objects too.   He is an equal opportunity molded meat in shapes hater.