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My husband is away on travel again.  What does that mean?  It means I am sitting at the computer and pinning to my hearts content and I figured tonight was a good night to reorganize my boards as well.  The Holiday board was getting a bit crazy.  Yeah, I mess around on Pinterest when he is here too, but I have to say it is much more fun when you don’t feel guilty being anti-social.


More and more people I know are on Pinterest nowadays… which means I am really not being anti-social when I mess around on there, right?  At any rate, I love seeing what people are pinning and have found that when we see each other we always have so much to talk about such as things we want to make or do, and style ideas that inspire us to fix our hair a little different or put together an outfit in a new way.

My friend Liz and I are also thinking about getting together and being crafty.  It would be kind of like a book club, except instead of talking about a book and drink wine, we would talk and do a project (that we found on Pinterest) and drink wine.  So, another way Pinterest is making me more social.

Well, it is Tuesday and so it is time for my weekly digest of favorite pins from the week…

I Can Pin Videos? 

Source: youtube.com via Tara on Pinterest


I discovered pinning videos.  The first video I felt the need to pin… one of the songs I loooooved throughout college (from my favorite movie that I watched countless times in college).   I would have to say this was one of those songs that inspired me, made me cry, and if I had to pick a song that represented me in college… This would be it.

I wanted to be Lisa Loeb.  I loved her glasses, her hair and her overall style.  I tried miserably to copy it…But never did pull it off.  She is still a favorite recording artist for me.  I have downloaded some of her kids songs for the kids and played them as lullabies to help put them to sleep when they were babies.  It seemed right to make this song be my first “video” pin, which will make it the first of many.

That Baby has Style!

Source: etsy.com via Tara on Pinterest


I found this coat through one of the boards I follow.  I instantly loved it.

I want it!

The problem it is a pattern for a coat for a baby.  This is when I wish I had some sewing talent.   I would not know where to begin with creating an adult size pattern, nor do I have the patience to make it (I would be remiss if I did not mention that I have not sewn anything that involves construction harder than a pillowcase).  There is a part of me that is telling myself that maybe I should not want this coat (I mean since it is for babies and all), and  maybe I should dress my age and try not to find a coat that is inspired by a baby’s coat.

Nah… I would rock that coat!

Reading Nooks

This is a tale of two reading nooks…

This is the one of my dreams.

Source: thefancy.com via Tara on Pinterest


I think that if I could design the perfact reading space… This would be it. A reading loft/library!   Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

The problem is… that I live in a suburban house and this could not be done in my house due to the master bedroom and bath above our living room.  Ideally, I would love to create something similar upstairs in the attic, but that would cost a lot of money and so this home library must remain a dream.  So I guess I will settle for this…

Source: google.com via Tara on Pinterest


I have a baby mattress stored away and I cannot think of a better use for it. I also love the storage underneath.  Now to figure out where I would like a comfy reading nook… hmm.