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We have an Elf on the Shelf and this year is the first year the kids have really gotten into him.  If you don’t have one… He is an elf that you adopt and is supposed to go back to the north pole every night and tell santa news about how the kids are behaving.   The idea is that he can get a bit micievious at night and so the next day when the kids get up they search the house to find him and see what he has been up to.

Our Elf went on a ride in Barbie’s car with one of my daughter’s Monster High Dolls the other night***.

Watch where you are going!!!

When I put the Monster high doll in the car, my husband commented that she looked like she was screaming “Watch out!”   This led to various poses for the Elf and the doll (even though they were not the poses my kids would ever see).  I thought it would be funny for Lagoona to give the elf “the hand.”   I took a picture with Instagram and shared it.

That Elf can get a bit saucy with the ladies!

A little while later, I saw that my husband got creative with the Elf as well… when I saw his FB feed.

You get the idea.

I realized that these Elf pictures showed a big difference between how my husband thinks and what I think…  My husband’s mind is in the gutter, obviously!

***By the way…The Girl was really tickled that the Elf was “dating” Lagoona when she saw his latest adventure.