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Goodness, it has been a long time since I posted some of my amazing cooked creations.

I have been cooking… I just have not been very good at documenting it.

Of course, I guess you can argue that if I don’t post about it then how can you be sure that I am actually cooking.  Well, thankfully my husband has been bragging…

I promise he wrote that.

Well, I have been testing out Food Everyday or is it Everyday Food (from the cover you would not know)… Thankfully, the spine tells me it is called Everyday Food and so that must be its name.  Martha Stewart’s picture is on the front so I am going to guess it is brought to us by Martha. I am thinking it is Martha Stewart Living without the distraction of her decorating and shopping tips.  Of course, because it is missing all that content… it is a lot smaller (about the size of the old Reader’s Digests).

I made three of the recipes and they were all super yummy.

My favorite was the Herbed Steak with Arugula and Potatoes. Oh, and it was really easy to make!

First, I needed to heat the broiler.  I have never used the broiler before so I asked my husband what to do and he started it.  Actually, I always thought the broiler was the little drawer under the oven… apparently it is not.  It is is just a heat setting for the oven.  I learn something new everyday!

While the oven is heating up, start boiling the potatoes.  Do not cut them before boiling them.  Although they boiled fine, they began to fall apart when I browned them.  It is a lesson learned.

Yeah, I boiled them like this.

The recipe said to use a  broiler pan, but if you are like us you don’t have a broiler pan (since you never use the broiler)…so  just stick it on a cookie sheet.  I will warn you that when you take the steak out of the oven it will look really warped.  I am happy to say that my cookie sheet is back to normal now.

It says to cook the meat for 7 minutes for medium rare.  We did ours for around 8 minutes because the kids and I like our steaks medium.  Luckily some of the thicker parts of the steak were still kind of rare which suited my husband.

Although the recipe says to add the arugula raw,  I decided I wanted to wilt the arugula so I added it to the skillet for a minute then transferred the whole salad to the bowl.

The salad in all its glory.

The wilted arugula worked nicely.  I kind of liked the whole warm salad thing, but if your greens more crisp… I would just follow the recipe.

I have to say I was really happy with the whole meal.  I even think the presentation (which my husband plated) was quite nice too.

My kids were not fans of the salad, but ate up the steak.  My son liked his steak with ketchup, but I was just happy he ate it.  All in all, it was a great meal for the family.  Another plus to the meal… It is dairy free, gluten free and contains no nuts.  All you guys who have allergies can do a little happy dance!

So after trying out quite a few magazines and recipes… We have decided to go with Everyday food… because we happen to eat food everyday (and it was the only magazine that was offered through my kids school fundraiser and they really wanted to get a frog and go to the mega-party).  I still think I will pick up the other magazines from time to time though.