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Today I don’t feel like doing anything.*

Sometimes this happens to me.  Actually, it seems to happen when I have a long list of things to do.  I find the more I have to do… the more I want to do nothing.  Pretty counterproductive.

Oh, Motivation where are you?

WAIT!  I have not taken my ADHD medicine…

That could explain my irrational desire to figure why there were men dressed as monkeys in the video.  Since, I don’t know much about Bruno… It could be because they were in a past video or something like that.  Hmm.

I really should take my medicine.

Just one more random thought…

If you own a black cat and it crosses your path… does it still mean that mean ill-fortune?  Maybe I should just go back to bed if I try to get any cleaning done my cat is bound to cross my path.


* Although, I don’t plan on doing the P90x or the other extracurricular activities that he plans on doing tomorrow.