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I know… I completely missed Pinteresting Tuesday.
I have no excuse.
At any rate… I am going to make it up to you with a post that is all about what Pinterest is all about (hopefully you followed that thought)….
I actually made something that I pinned on Pinterest!


So this is what I pinned…

Source: makeandtakes.com via Tara on Pinterest

And this is my not so neat and impressive version…

Snazzy, don't you think?

My kids really had a blast helping me M0d Podge the papers on… although I will warn you that Mod Podge is so much messier when you do it with kids. The kids loved adding the bling and the buttons too.  Fun stuff!

So… this brings us to the next pin and why I made those snazzy clothespins….


I am going to try this out as a christmas card display.  The big question I am asking myself is how to attach the ribbon without messing up my curtains.  I am sure I will figure out a really difficult and convoluted way to attach them because I like to make my life as difficult as possible.  The goal is to have it up by Friday though… We shall see if I can do it.  Feel free to place bets!

There is one last project I decided to do…


I pinned this a while ago, but I really liked the concept and my front door wreath needed a bit of a break… So why not?

This is what it looks like so far… nice, huh?

Can you see it? Yeah, it has a long way to go.

I personally think the pooper scooper may add that special something to it uniqueness…although it may make it too heavy to hang. At any rate, I hope to have this up on the door by Christmas.

So, have you tried to do anything you have pinned yet?