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Let’s start with the Sparkly Vampires Yesterday I went to see Breaking Dawn with some of my girlfriends and we had a blast. I must disclose that I enjoyed reading the Twilight series.  It know it is shocking considering I am a mom and it a lot of moms love Twilight.  I was sucked into the books… They were definitely candy reads vs. thought provoking reads, but sometimes you just feel like candy. Breaking News - Twilight star attacked by angry mob of comb wielding fan-moms! Oh wait, I am not that kind of Twilight fan.  I mean, Robert Pattinson is cute and all, but he is no James Marsden.  I mean, how can he compete against an X-man. 

OK, I may break through security to meet him. Luckily, my husband looks like his long lost brother.

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Hopefully my friend, Liz, will skip reading this post.  I don’t know if she would agree with me.  Not surprisingly, I digressed. Back to the movie night, Most of the group I went with had read the series (some of us multiple times), but we also had one person who was unfamiliar with the plot of Breaking Dawn.  In fact, I think she missed seeing Eclipse too.  Honestly, having her there with us made my night!  I liked Breaking Dawn (especially the end), but I will be the first one to admit that some of the negative reviews make some good points and so watching the plot unfold on the big screen with someone who is not in the know…was fun. Beware spoilers are coming…. (if you have not seen the movie and will get pissed I give some of the plot away… skip to the next heading!) So let’s start with the birth scene… It was really graphic!  I have to admit I closed my eyes during part of it.  I mean I have given birth and the idea of the man I love biting my child out of me…gross.  My friend asked a very good question…”why couldn’t they just do a c-section?”  Of course, I gave a Twilight geek answer…. “because the amniotic sac was so hard they could not get the scalpel through!”  It’s evolution… Vampire Hybrid babies know that people would try to abort them because they are supposed to be demons, and humans may try to kill them and so they can only be removed by a vampire biting their way through the amniotic sac or the baby themselves biting their way out (although they left that tidbit of information out in the movie version).  I did not share all that with her instead I added “That (c-section) would have been too easy!” Onto the idea of imprinting (finding your destined soulmate)… If you are someone who has not read the books the scene when Jacob imprints on the baby can be alarming (if you read the books it is old news because his friend imprints on a small child earlier in the series).  I mean what kind of madness is that… he is a grown man and he is in love with a baby?  If you are with a person who is unfamiliar with Twilight… it is a great time to peek at their reaction. Finally, I could not wait to see my friend’s face when they shared the baby’s name!  When I read the book, I remember thinking “Really, Suzanne?  That is what you are going with?”  So, I just giggled and because I am  not good at waiting for surprises… I said to my friend “Oh, I cannot wait until you hear what they are naming the baby!”  I was not disappointed.  My friend had the same reaction I did!   The name “Renesmee” still makes me laugh, although it did grow on me…but only slightly.  I know, I should have gone with Kardeborah for my daughter’s name. At any rate, the movie entertained me… just as the books did.  I don’t think it will be winning any Oscars, but for a girl’s night out… It was perfect. Werewolves with Meningitis  I have already shared that I like Twilight… but I should probably disclose that really most Young Adult (especially paranormal) books are a guilty pleasure of mine. In fact… I just finished Forever, the Shiver Series, by Maggie Steifvater last night.

Borrowed the image from Booknotized. BTW, she wrote a great review.

So after seeing Breaking Dawn, I cuddled up with a werewolf with Meningitis.  Don’t worry he isn’t contagious.  You see, the werewolves of Mercy Falls, MN don’t change into wolves when the full moon is in the sky… No, they change when it gets cold.   So, what would break the werewolf curse… A high fever. Well, the wolves are in trouble.  They have a bitchy she-wolf starting trouble by killing not one but two teenagers and now they have to worry about the townspeople hunting them down via a helicopter.   Let’s not forget that it is lonely being in love with a werewolf!  I mean for three months, they run wild in the woods and you are only left with their memory and their leftover clothes and worries that a hunter may kill them… I mean talk about a challenge for a teen relationship. Well, I have challenged myself to try and learn something from every book I read this year… so this book was no exception.  I know what you are thinking… What can a 36-old-mom learn from a teen book?  Well, I learned that kids need boundaries.  I know that is not a shocker, but Grace’s parents (she is Sam’s girlfriend and also a werewolf) were a good example of why parents need to be parents.  They were absentee parents until they found out her boyfriend was spending the night every night and so they realized that this would not have occurred if they were around and spending time with her.  So, they try to be around more and tell her that she should never see him again.  This does not go over well.  I mean this may be Sam’s last moments as a human, Grace was to spend as much time with him as she can.  If they had known… maybe they would not have told her that she could not see him anymore and would be more open to the idea of cohabitation.  Nah! They loved her and they were trying to do what they thought was best, but the lesson be learned here is simple… Teenagers will always find a reason to hate you (well, not hate you…but you know that over-dramatic hate that goes along with teen angst).   Can you tell I am not looking forward to my daughter’s teenage years?  I have been preparing myself by reminding myself daily that when she becomes a teenager that she will automatically think I am always wrong.  I will most likely be wrong about everything until she enters the big scary world and realizes that her parents are not intentionally out to make her life miserable.  I don’t have scientific research that says that she will hate me as a teenager, but I do have my teenage years as a case study. I was not the worst teenager in the world, but I doubt I was easy to deal with.  I could get a bit sassy and could be overdramatic at times.  I was a master at comparing my parent’s rules to the rules of other parents.  My parents heard me say “Everyone else’s parents are letting them _(insert desired fun activity)_.”  It rarely worked, but my teenage mind still felt it would wear her down and eventually I would have “cool parents” too. Life has a way of making you realize that your parents were right about most everything and then turning you into them when you have kids.It is an especially bad moment when you catch yourself saying or doing that thing you said “you would never do to your kid!”   In the 7 years my daughter has been on this earth, I have already ruined her life at least once or twice.  My love cruelty is only shown to my daughter.  My 5-year-old son has to deal with my unreasonable expectations too.  I am forever being “mean” to him by restricting his TV time and insisting that he eat food that contains more than just sugar at mealtimes.  It seems like I have a good start on being a mean mommy with setting boundaries, I just have to hope that I have prepared them for the disappointment they will feel when I say no to sleepovers with their werewolf boyfriend/girlfriend. Updated (11/29/11) Although this review of Forever (The Shiver Series) is kind of a satire… I forgot to mention that I really enjoyed the series and would recommend it to those of you looking for a fun paranormal series.  It is well written and honestly… I am hoping for a movie with James Marsden as Sam.  I think he would make a great Sam.  Check out the review by Booknotized by clicking the the pictures of the books.  I agree with her review ans she does a great job saying what I would say about the book, but more eloquently. I also reviewed it on Goodreads and if you want just my review of the books, that is a great place to check.

Update (11/30/11)

So I just realized I did not share if I would recommend Forever or the Shiver series… I totally recommend the books, especially if you liked Twilight and other YA paranormal series.  The writing is better than Twilight and it is full of great characters.  Check out Booknotized review by clicking on the picture of the books… she says what I would say (only with better grammer and less distracted thoughts).  I also did a real review on just the book on Goodreads.