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It is just the beginning though… I still have a few more things to do before I say that my house is completely decorated for Christmas… but we did get a lot done this weekend.

Here is a sneak peak at some of our decorations…

The Elf is watching! (or as my husband warns "Don't be an A-hole!")

Our Elf is now out and watching us.  I know it is not December yet… but it isn’t too early for him to start tattle-taleing (not sure if I spelled this right, but “tailing” did not convey the same meaning to me) to Santa, right?  The question is… does he start going to the North Pole tonight or will he start making his trips when December starts?  I just don’t know.

See that blob on the left-hand side? I have the big frosted vases on my mantel that usually have two sad-looking fake flowers in the them, but I thought I would try to do something new with them this christmas.  I bought cheap ball ornaments and some battery powered lights and put them in the vases.  I think they kind of look fun.


Christmasified! (I made up that word. Just in case your were wondering).

Usually we put a wreath around it (I say we, but usually my husband puts it up) and we add fake berries and poinsettias, but I could not make the wreath work. Plus, my husband threw out the berries because they looked really shabby after many years of use…and I don’t remember seeing the poinsettias at all.  So I decided to just wrap the greenery around it and put up the rest of the ornaments we had.  It is still a bit bare… but I am hoping to find those poinsettias.

Legos for the tree

We got tree up today.  I love trimming the tree.  It is always fun to pull out the ornaments and get nostalgic about when we got them and who gave them to us.

Last year, I bought 3 Lego ornament kits for the kids to make.  My son took two of the ornaments for his little tree in his room, but we still have one that graces the family tree.  I am still amazed that the santas were still there.  My son loves his Legos, but he loves taking creations apart shortly after completion.  He has been getting better at leaving the sets together now, but last year that was not the case.

Well, it is late and that is the end of my sneak peak.  Who else was getting decorations up this holiday weekend?  Did anyone else have an Elf that decided he needed to start his job early?