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So it is Tuesday, and what do you know…. I am not posting this at 11pm.

Yep, I got the post out on time this week!

So I have been a repinning fool this last week, but I can’t help it if I follow some great boards like this one and this one…. Oh, there are so many people that feed into this little pinning/repinning addiction.  They know who they are.

Camera of My Dreams


The first pin is one I pinned myself.  It is a camera that I drool over every time I go into Urban Outfitters… OK, this is not the exact camera I see when I am in there…It is way cooler. Why? Well, it is Alice in Wonderland themed. Alice in Wonderland makes anything cooler if you ask me. I love my digital SLR camera, but there is a part of me that still misses using 35mm film and if I get another camera… I do want it to be this one.

Cherish Their Mess


So, I tend to get a bit bent out of shape about the constant cleaning up I do after the kids. Somedays it seems that everything I touch is sticky or slimy, or a random color that it should not be. There are always toys to be picked up and a laundry pile that grows faster than it seems possible. Yet, this quote reminds me of the reason I wanted to stay home and tackle these things as my daily job… and that is because I only have the one chance to spend with my kids at this age. I need to remember that someday, I will miss this busy time in my life and wish I had this time back.

Justin, Don’t be such a Meathead!

Source: imgur.com via Tara on Pinterest


So earlier this week I shared my issues with the Bieber baby news, and thankfully it was fake accusation and The Girl’s questions have ceased… for now. Well, I could not resist repinning this amazing meat creation of Justin’s face (my husband finds some amazingly strange items on the internet). Who thinks of this stuff? I do have to give them props though… Bacon hair! Genius!

Talking about hair… I am about to get my hair cut.  I have not been in months and have not done anything new with it in ages… so I can’t wait.