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Today is a very exciting day!

We are waiting for our friends from Florida to come into to town.  They moved a few years ago, but we are so lucky that they usually come to visit 2x a year.  This year they are coming in for Thanksgiving rather than Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so we get to see them sooner than we usually do.

Another big plus… I don’t have to work on Monday!  That means if  we want we can do something for lunch or whatever!  Yay!

In my typical fashion, I really don’t know what the plans are.  I am not much of a planner.  I do know that one of the set plans for today is that we are going to see our friend’s daughter in a play, Annie!  My daughter and I have been so excited. We don’t see lots of plays, so it is a special treat.  It is also a special treat to be able to see one of our friends’ kids be a star!

Annie has always been a favorite of mine.  I remember being a little girl and and singing the songs around the house.  I remember cursing my somewhat straight light brown hair (of course now it is black/brown… so maybe I should not have cursed it) and wishing I had her curly red hair.   When I got old enough to dye my hair… I went red (well, as red as my hair would let me go).  I gave up dying my hair when I had kids, but lately I have been wondering if I should go red again.

I did not look that bad with auburn hair.  I kind of think the red highlights actually perked up my skin a little bit.

Since I am on the subject… I think I have always been drawn to redheads when it came to my favorite characters and TV shows. 

Remember him?

I think he was my favorite of my crushes... growing up!

I know a lot of people who shook their heads when I told them I thought this guy was sexy…

Don't you see it?

By the way, I still think he is pretty hot.

What little girl did not want to be Daphne?


BTW this image is linked to the really interesting post about letting kids be kids.

Who could not love the antics of Fry on Futurama?  I know I was always a bit jealous of Leela.

One of my favorite shows of the 80’s? China Beach!

Two awesome redheads! I also admit I had a crush on Boonie. Who didn't?

I admit, I never wanted to be a blonde.  It could do with the fact that I am half-Japanese and I would look silly with blonde hair, but I like to think that it is because there was always a part of me that wanted to be like Annie.  I don’t think I wanted to live in an orphanage or anything, but rather have her ability to be optimistic and precocious.

On another note, The Girl asked me the other day why redheads were called “gingers”.    I admit I really did not know, so I had to look it up.  I found that Urban Dictionary  had some pretty interesting information on “gingers,”  but kept most of my findings to myself… because as interesting its origins were to me, it did not seem like the definitions were very unbiased.

I told her that people refer to redheads as “Gingers” because the color or their hair reminds them of the spice and redheads tend to be feisty or rather have “spicy” personalities.  It is kind of like the terms blondes and brunettes and the stereotypes that go along with those names.   Of course, I probably lost her at the word “stereotypes”, but it answered the question for now.