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The Girl asked me… “What did Justin Bieber do to become a father?”  I am still thinking about what to say.

By the way, she asked me this on Saturday… and the only answer I gave her was that young boys do stupid things.

Of course, that is why she wants to know what he actually did.  She is way too curious, which is usually a great quality… except in this case.

I hoped to not deal with this subject until 5th grade… actually I hoped it would wait until middle school (but I know unfortunately…the times have changed).  I was thinking I may have to go with a scientific explanation of the birds and the bees… but then I found this video and I think this may confuse her just enough that she will never ask me about stuff like this again.

OK… I know I should really go with the scientific explanation.

I guess I don’t want her to think that to make a baby… bees have to get eaten by birds and then kill the bird.  Only then can the bird become a flower… that will make a  head that you cut open to get the baby’s body from.

If she brings it up again, I think this is the video I will show her.

I think the monotone narration may help her be completely uninterested, but still giver her the scientific information to answer her question.  What do you think?

At any rate, I would love suggestions. I am hoping that she has forgotten all about her question. Of course, I know she will hear or see something about Justin’s baby and it will come up again.  That is the way my life works… I can’t avoid the stuff that I want to.
Honestly I am clueless on what I should say to her (as you can see) and so I need all the help I can get.