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I miss being young.  When I was in college, I remember pulling many an all-nighter.  Sometimes, I would pull more than one in one week. Actually, I was diagnosed with severe insomnia back then, so I guess I should not be missing those days, but  my body and mind bounced back pretty easily.  I was no worse for wear.  At 36, that is not the case… in fact, they call it severe sleep depravation now (or at least that is what my doctor called it last year when I was having a hard time with getting to sleep).

This is pretty much what happened (except I did not get the little nap at 1:35)...

Drawing by James Kim found on Campus Grotto

Well, Thursday night I pulled an all-nighter.  All week I had tried to get things done, but this year the Daylight Savings Time really messed my system up and I had a hard time thinking after 9 pm and headed to bed at a normal time, rather than staying up.

That being said, I can see now that if I don’t stay up until ungodly hours in the morning… I can’t get things done.  There is an amazing amount of stuff I get to from 11 am until 2 am.  Without that 4 hours, I realize that I don’t have time to post here or keep up with my Bb class.  I tweet a lot less.  I don’t answer e-mails.  I don’t have time for paperwork, and I don’t get much reading done either.

So on Thursday I had a lot of neglected things to do.  3 hours were spent catching up on Bb and then I worked solidly on trying to get paperwork done.  I almost cried when 6:30 hit and I realized that although I had been pretty solidly working on stuff (as solidly as someone with attention issues can) I still had so much to do.

Now I had paperwork, work, and childcare to provide and I had not slept in 24 hours.  It was a long day.

So I crashed at around midnight last night.  Apparently, I was unable to wake up this morning.  My daughter said that she shook me and I would not get up.  I rolled out of bed at noon today.  I have been sporting a headache and a mediocre attention span all day.

My husband and I missed our conference today, which was a bummer.   Apparently, I would have been a zombie if I had tried to go though, so I doubt I would have been much fun to talk to.  I also slept through my godson’s birthday party, but thankfully my husband was able to take the kids… so our family was well represented.  Still sad I missed it though!

I am about to head to bed soon so that I will be able to think fairly normally again tomorrow and for the week to come.