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Facebook Group Sends Chicken Pox Lollipops Through Mail | Parenting – Yahoo! Shine.

Mmm, I love a good half-eaten Chicken Pox tainted lollipop!

Seriously, stupid idea!

The ideas people think up astound me.

I am not one of those people that wants to give my kids lots of shots.  We don’t get the flu vaccine religiously.  I spaced out the vaccines so that my kids were not bombarded by 4-5 shots at one time (rather they were miserable and sore in one spot 4 different times).  I also was not one of the first in line for the Chicken Pox vaccine when it came out.  Did I eventually let my kids get the Chicken Pox shot?  Yeah.  I succumbed to peer pressure (I know…pretty weak of me).

I can say with certainty that if I did not give them the vaccine I know that I would not have asked a stranger to have their kid who has chicken pox to suck on a lollipop and send it to me so that I could have my kids eat it.  Honestly, I don’t think that the thought would ever even cross my mind.   Even if it were my friend’s kid that had the Chicken Pox, I doubt I would be on the phone and think… “Hey, I wonder if they have a lollipop sitting around that they could have their kid lick so that I can spread the disease to my kid.”  It boggles my mind how these kind of ideas start.

You know what I do think?  I think it was a whole lot simpler back when I was young.

Flashback to 1985… I go to school and realize that my  friend is absent and the next day I start itching.  Just to be fair, I pass it to my brother (don’t want him to be left out) and that pretty much ends any big “Chicken Pox” worries.

So much easier.