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Goodness me, I almost missed posting my awesome pins from this week.  I guess that is because this Tuesday was a bit more interesting than they usually are… It was election day here in the states so the kids had the day off of school and I spent the day playing games at Chuck E Cheese’s, shrinking Shrinky Dinks, and playing with the kids outside (it happened to be a gorgeous day!).  All this fun made me a little late with this posting, but I think these great pins were worth the wait.

Red Velvet Anything is Yummy

Source: duhlicious.com via Tara on Pinterest

I love, love, love red velvet cake.  I also love crepes.  So when my friend posted these yummy looking Red Velvet Crepes, it did not take me long to repin it.  I also love the presentation.  I think it would make a yummy Valentine’s breakfast surprise or a special treat in bed for someone you love for an anniversary.  Since Monday was my birthday, my husband and kids made me some extra special treats to celebrate.

My yummy birthday cupcakes made by my husband and kids.

Wasn’t that sweet?  They were delicious too.

That is so not FAIR!

The statement “That is not fair!” is said, screamed, and cried out at least once a day at my house. If I say they can’t eat candy for breakfast, then I am not fair. If I ask my kids to pick up a wrapper that they threw on the floor, then I am not being fair. I ask The Boy to pick up the mail instead of The Girl, then I am not being fair (obviously).
Today, I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese’s and while the kids played I played a bit and stockpiled some tickets of my own so that I could “even up” the tickets at the end. The Boy contested that I was not being fair to him if I did not give him all the tickets. My after-schooler contended that I was not being fair if I gave the tickets to anyone because they all should just have the tickets they earned. The Girl thought I was not being fair because… actually I think she was just saying I was not being fair because everyone else was shouting it. In the end, the boys had less tickets so they were cool with taking the tickets when offered to them.
Fairness is not always equal and in the end… Fair is really just the place you get cotton candy.

Of course, you can get Cotton Candy at Chuck E Cheese’s too… If you have enough tickets. Due to my unfair practices with ticket distribution, all the kids had enough tickets to get some today!  As they ate that sweet fluffy candy, I think they realized I was being fair all along.

The Muppets are Back

Source: bustedtees.com via Tara on Pinterest

I am really excited about the new muppets movie! Are you? I used to love the Muppets and one of the parts of the old show that I remember best were those two crabby old men that grumbled and griped about the show. I am not sure if I loved them when I was a kid, but as an adult I find them to be hysterical. So when I came across this little pin, I could not resist pinning it to my boards.

Not only is it a sweet representation of those old men, but it also is a good reminder.  Haters are gonna hate.  I am one of those people that likes to please.  I used to be so worried if someone did not like me, but as I have aged I realized that there are some people you just can’t please.  Some people are gonna find something to hate or agitate them no matter how much you try to please them.  So if I come across a person that wants to hate… I need to just let them be.  I can’t fix it.  I probably will not be able to win them over.  You know what I realized?  It is OK.  The world doesn’t end.