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My husband is a trickster.  He loves tricking the kids and me any time a moment arises. Since he has been out of town, my son has decided that he should pick up where his dad left off.

His first trick… A surprise friend

As I rushed to get home to get them off the bus,

I noticed that instead of two children, there were three.

Most days there are three kids (because I have a boy who joins us after-school), but today his mom took him to an appointment with her.  At that moment I knew that my decision to skip evening cleaning was a bad call.  After frantically tearing the house apart looking for the class directory and trying to get explanations from two 5-year-olds, both saying that they had planned this and his friend had told his parents (or rather he told his dad).  I am trying to keep my cool, because I did not know I was going to have a guest.

My son tried to look exasperated and said, “Mom, I told you last night, but you weren’t listening.”

Honestly, that means I never told you.  I learned that I can be forgetful, so I figured I would try it.   I told them that I still needed to call his house to make sure that they knew he was here and to find out things like when he needed to be home and other important information.  Of course, I couldn’t find the class directory.  I was trying to convince the boys to show me where he lives so that we can just check in, when my neighbor comes over to inform me that his family does not know where he is.  Great! I was right.  They were no more informed than I was.

Thankfully, though I have the parent’s number now and it is safely programmed into my phone. I just have to hope that Owen does not surprise me with another classmate (at least until I can find the directory).

Sock Puppet

Shortly after the play-date ended and my blood pressure began to lower, my son yelled, “Mom, look what I made!”  I turned to look at him and to my surprise he had one of the socks he had worn today on his hand.  He also had a big smile and he proudly declared, “I made a sock puppet!  Isn’t he cute?”

Mmm, sock puppet's love pizza.

It was cute and creative.  Although, I do wish he had picked a sock that did not fit, and maybe one that was clean.  I mean, nothing is worse than smelling the scent  of a stinky sock when a sock puppet kisses you.

 Cold Keys and Artsy Remotes

The Boy also tricked me in other ways tonight.  He surprised me with something in the fridge…

Hmm, what are you doing there?

Hmm, what are you doing there?

He was highly entertained by this little prank.  I am just glad that he did it tonight, rather than in the morning.  I think I would have lost my mind, especially if it made me late for work.

Even after he was asleep, his tricks kept me on my toes.  I searched a good 10 minutes for the cable remote, and I found it tucked away behind the art easel.

Maybe... the remote was inspiration for a still life painting?

I don’t know why I did not check there first.  Well, at least Modern Family was DVRed.  Thankfully, my husband will return tomorrow…and hopefully The Boy will target him for a while.