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It may have not been the best Halloween ever in our neck of the woods, but at least I have some Pineresting stuff to share this Tuesday.

Halloween: The perfect excuse to eat some carbs

Source: foodieinmotion.com via Tara on Pinterest



I could never follow the diets that require you to take away carbs or even drastically reduce your intake of carbs, because last time I checked Dr. Pepper has plenty of carbs in it. Of course, now that I am trying to save money, I have left Dr. Pepper on the side of the road crying and replaced him with Dr. Perky. Dr. Pepper was good, but Dr. Perky delivers the same carb-filled and caffeine-filled satisfaction at a much lower price.

Drinking carbs is not my only vice.  I also love gummy bears and other sweets.  Thus, this Halloween I plan on eating carbs…actually I am popping some mild duds in my mouth as I write this (because I have  a lot of Milk duds left and someone has to eat them).

Flea Market Treasures



When I find stuff like this, it always makes me want to go to a flea market. I love this look, and I can already imagine the wall I would put something like this on. It has been a long time since I hit a flea market (I think the last time was when I was in college) and I don’t remember finding anything this cool when I went. At any rate, maybe I need to check some flea markets out or at least see if there are any good ones around.

Because it just is…


I found this little gem through my friend, Joy.

I kid you not, I said this exact quote two times today.

It is a simple phrase that fits so many things that happen.

What do I say when my child fussed because they were too tired….

“It is what it is.”

Can’t fix tired, especially when the child doesn’t agree that they are tired.

What  did I say when the rain began to fall on us as we were  trick or treating and I realized that even though I wanted to be optimistic that the rain will hold off… I still should have been realistic and grabbed the umbrella.

“It is what it is.”

Rain makes you wet. Of course, I could have made “it” better if I remembered the umbrella, or if my husband remembered the umbrella, or the nature gods held the rain off until 9:00 (when the weatherman said the rain would start).

It is simple…Things are what they are and there is no use getting upset about it or play blame games, because you got it (whether you like it or not).

Accept it as what it is, and only then can you see it rationally and unbiasedly enough to contemplate what to do to help it be better than it was. [Does that make sense? Probably not, but at least it makes sense to me and I guess that is all I can hope for.]