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Today we have been busy getting ready for our neighborhood Fall Festival. The festival contains a haunted forest, pumpkin and costume contests, games, and inflatables.  The Jack O’ Lantern contest was what we had our sights on this year.  My husband usually puts in a lot of effort carving our pumpkins.  He researches what he wants to do on the internet and then plays with it in Photoshop.  It is a process.

This year the kids wanted our family pumpkin to have a zombie on it.  My husband worked on that first. He was not happy with the results.  I think it would have been cooler if the hair was not cut out and scraped out instead.

Zombie or Emo? You decide.

My son drew what he wanted, so his design was all his.  I think it looks pretty good!  It is our traditional pumpkin.

Pretty scary, huh?

My daughter wanted to pay hommage to her costume and wanted the skull logo from Monster High.  This pumpkin was mine to carve, since my husband had to help set up the Haunted Forest.  I am not as detail oriented as my husband.  I also struggle with transferring the picture on a flat piece of paper onto a round pumpkin.   Thus, the nose is a bit off kilter, but overall I am proud of my results.

Freaky, just got fabulous!

As we carved pumpkins, I played a marathon of the show “Halloween Wars” for inspiration.  It is amazing to me what professional carvers can do with pumpkins!  So, I thought I would share some amazing Jack O’ lanterns that I have found on the internet.  These pumpkins put ours to shame!

Amazing carving!!


Great idea!  I could never think of this on my own, but I think even amateurs like us could do it… someday.


What you talking about, Willis?  Oh, this one is good on so many levels!  Source

Love Angry Birds?  This is the pumpkin for you!


Last, but certainly not least is this one.  I love it’s integration with the small pumpkin.  It also has pumpkin seed tears.  Wonderful!


So, It looks like we have a long way to go before our pumpkins win any big contests judging by the pictures of pumpkins out on the internet.  I hope none of these carvers live in my neighborhood.