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Our weekend cleaning has begun. My husband is so much more motivated than I am. Lately, I get through the week and then want to lay around on Saturday and blissfully imagine an army of little elves cleaning up the house. It is a wonderful fantasy, but unfortunately it is real.

The only good thing about cleaning that it often helps show the strange ways my kids’ minds work. They continually perplex me.

Cleaning our house, feels like the inanimate objects in our house pass the time by playing hide and seek (although I think that they get help from the kidlings in our house).  What is this under the rug?  Dog poop?  Seriously, this morning my son thought it would be good to hide it rather than telling us he found it so we could clean it up!

As I went to the bathroom, I wondered about the small red thing in the bathroom sink that seemed to be staring at me… I was surprised upon further inspection that it was a raspberry and a fresh one too. I asked it what it was doing there, but it did not respond. I am going to guess that it was transported there by my children. Not sure why it found its place in the sink, but the rational me thinks they wanted to rinse it off before eating.

My only hope was that the raspberry found its way to the bathroom before the game of hide and seek with the dog poop began.