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I am always in awe of the moms who have it all together.  You know the moms, that have the purses that are filled with really useful things that come in handy given any situation that may come about.

Oh No… you scraped your knee.

I have a band-aid right here, Sweetie.

They are the moms that have a pen when you are in a checkout line, scrounging around in your purse.

They had you a kleenex when there is a massive booger bubble coming out of your child’s nose.

They are the ones who have an advil to lend when you have a headache.

They also have the wet wipes when you child spills their drink down the front of their shirt.

I have never been that mom.  

I am the mom that looks frantic rushes to the bathroom to grab some toilet paper to wipe their nose , while advising my child to not touch their face!

I am the mom who swears they put a pen in their purse and can’t figure out where the pen went.

I am the mom that stopped buying wet wipes the minute my kids were potty trained.

I am the mom with the headache.

Well, today I had another shining moment!

My kids entered photographs in their school’s reflection contest.  Today they had the awards ceremony and a little reception for the kids that entered.  I took off the 1/2 day from work so that I could go and see all the art submitted and share in the pride that they would have being part of the contest.  I thought I might take pictures of the kids with their art work and if one of them won, maybe get a picture of them with their ribbon.

The Girl won!

The camera was in left in the car, since I ran into the school 15 minutes late.  My cell phone?  Left on my desk in the classroom I am working in at another school.  I am disappointed to say I failed at capturing the moment in a photograph.

As I mentioned before, I am usually the unprepared mommy.  Those that know me will not be surprised, and will be happy with the picture  of my son with his photograph and participant ribbon that I will take when he gets home from school.  Since The Girl won, I hope to share the picture of her from the school website (since her photograph is now heading to regionals).

I will say I am no less proud of my kids than the mom with the photograph.  I may not be as prepared, organized, and put together as some moms, but I hope my kids don’t mind.  I figure learning that people aren’t perfect is a great thing to learn and so I strive to teach that lesson daily.