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I have become a Pinterest addict.  They make it so easy… They give a button that stares me down each time I am on the internet (see below) and so each time I see something I like … I hit it.

Handy Pin It button on my bookmarks bar

I find the whole process very satisfying.  I “pin it” and then it goes to my boards where miraculously it does not get lost, which is what would happen if the board was not virtual.  I am notorious for putting things in “safe spots” or places where I think I will be able to find them.  I have found that my boards are exactly that… my safe spots.

Pinerest is a social media site, so as an added bonus I can check out other people’s boards and benefit from their endless travels on the internet.  I am lucky because the people I follow on Pinerest are good at finding great things.

So, I was thinking… Tuesdays are nothing special for me.  I will admit that there are some good shows on the TV, but other than that I usually have nothing going on.  In general, I don’t have much to say about Tuesdays.  They are not my worst day of the week… My vote usually goes to Monday (because I am original like that).  Wednesday is Hump day, so it has its day of fame.  Thursday seems to be the day when everyone wants to get out of the house for Bunco, home parties, etc.  Then Friday comes and I am elated because the promise of a productive weekend is finally in sight.  Saturdays and Sundays are usually filled with errands and countless entertainment from my children… and are often filled with birthday parties, festivals, and cleaning. Tuesdays are dull.

Then I thought… I could make Tuesdays interesting Pinteresting.  I decided that I would dedicate a post on Tuesdays to 2-3 of my fabulous “pins” that I find throughout the week.  My pins share a little of what my mind gravitates to and in a way should be a way to get to know me better.  If you find that your Tuesdays are pretty dull too, maybe we can make this a meme.  You can also share your pins on Tuesdays too.

Shy Batman

I fell in love with this drawing the minute I saw it posted on The Bloggess‘ board. It makes me think of my husband and my son (not that either of them have a diagnosed social anxiety disorder yet). I am not sure if it is nurture or nature, but the men in my house are never excited to go anywhere where social chit-chat is part of the activity. In fact, The Boy would be as happy as lark if he could just stay home and play legos or play on the i-pad all day. Family outings to fun places or events (according to my fun index) is a chore for my husband and son. Examples of these fun events include birthday parties, trips to seasonal festivals (like the pumpkin patch), and play-dates are always met with tears or complaints. The fact that they go and try to have a good time makes me think that they both are Shy Batmans. They fight crime and their social anxiety daily for the good of our family.

Wall Storage for Matchbox Cars

Source: style-files.com via Tara on Pinterest

One of my favorite boards I have created on Pinerest is “Ideas that I love.” I found this pin on my friend Sarah’s Board. What a novel way to organize, display, and store those lovely little cars. The kids could easily access them without dumping a bin (and a ton of cars that they are not interested in) all over the floor. Plus, they are magnetic knife racks from IKEA! That means that this little idea really would not be that expensive to do. I know what I am buying the next time I head to IKEA.

I’m Speechless

Source: etsy.com via Tara on Pinterest

This week I added a new board called “I’m Speechless.”

I found a picture that I had literally no words for, which is kind of funny because I did caption it and so I obviously had words for it. I think my problem was the question of  what board should I pin it to? I knew it was not “My Style” and although my thoughts about the absurdness was pretty awesome, I could not call it “Awesomeness.” Would it be “just for fun”? Not really.  Is it an idea or product that I love… definitely not.
So I decided it needed it’s own board…A board that could be a grab bag for random finds (that happen to make me laugh even though I feel a bit bad doing so).
You see this picture makes me laugh because I have come up with a whole scenerio of how this poor guy became a penis pin model. I think that this poor guy (I have named him Ned because I like to name the anonymous people who I make up stories about) woke up from a night of binge drinking and proceeds to stumble towards the bathroom when his girlfriend (who happens to make flowered penis pins) snaps a quick picture of him.  He is a bit annoyed, but realizes his girlfriend’s prank the minute he looks in the bathroom mirror.  I am assuming Ned and his girlfriend had some good times, but in the end they broke up.  Now the flowered penis pin is full of bad memories and so his girlfriend decided to sell in on Etsy and because his girlfriend has a wicked sense of humor decided he should be the model for the infamous pin.  Oh, the stories I can make up to entertain myself.

So, that is my teaser of what I have been pinning this week.  As I wrestle with my insomnia, I think I will see what other fun discoveries I can find on the surfing the web.