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Last night (which was Friday), I went to a craft show/fundraiser for the private school my friend works at.  I have gone to the event with her a few times in the past and have found that the merchants/crafters are usually really good and I usually can knock out a good bit of Christmas shopping while there.  This year the event was catered and they were serving wine and beer.  Seriously, if you want me to spend some money on things I don’t need, the key is get me tipsy.  Unfortunately, two things kept me from buying lots of Christmas presents (and some stuff for myself that I probably did not need)…

  1. My husband sent me a text.  The text consisted of this picture and the words…

    "Want a new washer? :I"

    Nothing kills your mood to spend money like seeing a very wet leaking ceiling and the thought of having to spend a few hundred dollars on a dryer.  Needless to say, I took a few big gulps of wine at the sight of that!

  2. Oh… I forgot my checkbook too.  Many of the crafters did not take credit cards.  I never have any cash on me, so that left me pretty much penniless.  If I want something, I would have figured out a way to get it… so I think it was the text that stopped me from a wonderful shopping spree.  I did pick up some yummy baked goods with a loan from my friend though… Can’t go to a fundraiser and not get anything, right?

What did we get to do this lovely Saturday?  Well, we got to go on an impromptu shopping trip.  No lounging around today.

As we left the house this morning, our kids found a gift in our yard.  My blood pressure rose when I saw that what they found.  It was insulation.

Thankfully, it is not from our house.

The thought that crossed my mind was…with the luck we were having that there had to be a big hole on the side of my attic.  I looked up expecting to see some horrible gaping whole on the side of our house, but luckily after inspecting the house we concluded that the insulation was not ours.  Hopefully it is from the new town homes under construction and not from a gaping hole in one of our neighbors houses.  If you live near me (and happen to read this blog) and have a gaping hole and happen to be missing some insulation, you can find it in our trash can.  The garbage truck comes on Monday, so you still have time to claim it.  Enough about that…let’s get back to more exciting stuff like washers and dryers.

So I feel like I should share a bit of the history of our washer and dryer (because their story must be told)… When we got married and moved into our first house, we purchased a washer and dryer.  We recently replaced the dryer (you may remember my touching post).  I personally think my washer was heartbroken.  It was its soul mate.  I look back and think that we were insensitive to break up the happy partnership.  That wet spot on the ceiling was the tears from a heartbroken washer.  I think it was something like the scene in Gnomeo and Juliet where the Flamingos were separated… Of course, if you do not have children you may have not had the chance to watch this film (over and over again), so if missed it check out the video of the flamingos love on YouTube.  Sad, huh?  We are despicable people.  They will be forever apart unless by chance they find themselves in the same junkyard.

Well, I would hate for our dryer to not have its perfect mate, so we set out to find the matching dryer and lucked out because it was on sale ($150 less than what we got the dryer for).  Fortunately for us, Best Buy and Sears both had it for the same price and we were able to get free delivery.  So on Monday, we will say good bye to one heartbroken washer and hello to a new love story… between two Samsung appliances.  May they love each other and treat each other (and our clothes) well.