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I am going a bit global here, but I as I posted another silly status game I felt the need to justify it to my friends.

I know a lot people get annoyed by these silly little statuses, and sometimes I get a little annoyed with them too (I can admit that).  I usually don’t mind the awareness statuses and have reposted them on occasion (although I try not to make it a habit).  When I do repost them I take out the part that guilts my friends into reposting it.  I don’t have very many rules that I live by, but I do live by the rule “Don’t make someone feel guilty for not reposting an awareness status.”  Isn’t it strange that the rules I have for myself are so specific?

Lately, there is a status game that has you list your friends in roles, like a play or a movie.  It gives the scenario and then you put in the names and is should be funny.  This is one of those games that I like.  It seems silly, but it just cracks me up to put the names in and see who ends up as what.  I think I like this game because I have a great imagination.  I totally visualize my friends in these roles.

I also have a rule about posting my friends names on my blog. The rule is this:

“Don’t post names of friends in writings on the internet (unless they want to be an internet superstar and say it is OK)”

That is why I changed out the names with my buddies* in showbiz (since they don’t mind being internet superstars and maybe this post will help them land a role in the next big horror movie).
Today’s game that I could not pass up was…

HALLOWEEN is quickly approaching...you're in a HORROR MOVIE: Use the first 10 friends you see on your Friends list..no cheating....
  1. Decides the creepy house is safe: James Roday (If you have seen Pysch then you would agree he would be perfect in this role)
  2. Screams like a baby:  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (I think he could pull it off)
  3. Scares you as a joke: Bob Sagat (I think he could scare me if he wanted to)
  4. Is the first to go missing: Fred Savage (come to think of it I have not seen him around lately)
  5. The first to go insane: Katie Holmes (she needs a good gritty role, don’t you think?)
  6. Murdered saving you: James Marsden (and I can just imagine the crying scene after would be very touching, because who wouldn’t cry when someone that gorgeous saves you then dies)
  7. Has your back no matter what: Rick Astley (He seems like a “have your back kind of guy)
  8. Survives by faking dead: Ian Somerhalder (He does play a vampire so I can see that)
  9. Has survival plan no one listens to: Paul Scheer
  10. Is really the killer: Miley Cyrus (although she has a lot of sweet southern charm… I can see it).

So I do apologize to any friends that hate these games… I am sorry, but I do love them and it is more than likely I will do another game like this in the future.  Thanks for being a good sport.

*I should disclose that these people are not really my “buddies”  and actually I have never personally met them.