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I was at Walgreens today and I came across a display for a new line of drinks they were selling… The name made me want to look at the bottle a little more.  NeuroGasm.   I thought of the word orgasm and then thought “no, that can’t be what it is selling.” I mean the display is at a kid’s level with bright packaging.  What kid would not want to try a drink that looks like cherry Kool-aid.   As I inspected it a bit closer, I realize that is exactly what this bottle is implying.  It is amazing what they put in drinks nutritional supplements these days.

Personally, I think that is a really big claim.  I wonder how they tested this one.  Did they give this to someone and then send them home to see if it works?

I have tried other waters that have claimed to help me focus, and I did not feel all that focused after drinking it.  I have tried other drinks nutritional supplements that claim to help me sleep, and I still go to bed way too late.  I have a feeling this is one of those placebos that may work because you want it to work or because you think it works… you suddenly feel a bit more feisty.  I am curious though… If anyone tries this please post your thoughts.