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I shared a little about the pumpkin patch and the lines yesterday, but I wanted to share a bit of the behind the scenes action.

It is always a risk bringing my husband to crowded places, especially places with lines.  Although I gave him the option to stay home, my husband does not like to miss stuff with the kids…no matter how miserable it makes him.  At the time my friend sent me this text, my husband was trying not to be annoyed with the kids for being really loud.  When I told him there was already a line… he was not too pleased.  I felt I should give my friend a word of warning.  

Upon getting to the pumpkin patch we were indeed met by a line, that circled out of the entrance and into the parking lot.  Thank goodness my friend had already secured a spot, I think it saved us around 15 minutes.

One of our conversation topics in line why people wait in this long line, especially when they did not have kids who would give them a hard time for not going on the hay ride.  Last year my husband and I took my mom to the same pumpkin patch and waited in line for about 10 minutes before we decided to buy a few of the already picked pumpkins from the farm store.  This year we shared that plan with our friend, but she has a 2 year old that has never done the whole hay ride thing so we opted to wait in line.  My husband noted all the young parents with only a baby and small babies under 10 months.  He wondered why a parent would wait in a line to take a child, who would not remember the event, on the the hay ride.  I told him that when kids are that young, parents do it more for themselves.  It is a memory they keep and will share though pictures, I reminded him that we had done this same pumpkin patch when our daughter for her first Halloween (of course I did not remind him that he was miserable then too).  Pictures of babies with pumpkins are cute, and make for great scrapbook pages.  I love my pictures of our daughter’s first hayride and pumpkin patch experience and to this day I am glad we took the time to take her.

See we were young and annoying once too.

Yet, this was 7 years ago, and we are not young and annoying now.  We are old and jaded.  Thus, a text like this is sent to me when confronted with young parents who are energetic and starry-eyed…

To his defense, this was sent after waiting almost 40 minutes in line

Ah, the memories we made this year!