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I love Fall!  I have lots of reasons why I think it is the best season of the year…

  1. My Birthday:  This was way more exciting when I was younger, but still I love celebrating my birthday each November.
  2. Halloween:  I love this holiday.  When I was younger I loved to dress up and go door to door and get all the candy my pillow case could hold.  Now, I love it because I love to see my kids dress up and enjoy the free candy they have essentially begged for.  My kids love this holiday.  They start trying to decide what they will be… the day after Halloween and proceed to contemplate and plan their costumes throughout the whole year.  Some costumes have been hits, and others have been misses.  Last year, I ordered my daughter’s costume online and it was a bit too small.  The result was a slightly provocative Alice in Wonderland.  This year I thought we would pick something a little less revealing.  It did not happen.  My daughter’s favorite toys are American Girl dolls and Monster High dolls, and so those were the two costumes that were in the running… Monster High won.  I will have a little Draculaura this year.  I did buy the costume 0ne size too big this year, in hopes to make it cover up a little more of her behind (so we should not have a repeat of last year).
  3. Jack O’ Lanterns:  We love to carve pumpkins in our house.  The kids and I love the whole process of going to the pumpkin patch, picking out our pumpkins, running through the hay maze, carving the pumpkins, and then making pumpkin seeds.  My husband likes all the stuff that does not involve crowds.  Yesterday, we headed to one of the bigger pumpkin patches in the area with a close friend and her two kids.  Usually, we do this a week before Halloween because we procrastinate until the kids remind us we did not go.  This year we thought we would beat the crowd by going at the beginning of October.   We realized very soon that there really isn’t a good time to beat the crowd at this pumpkin patch.  Personally, I think if an hour wait in line gets you this smile…  and this smile…  …then it is worth it!
  4. Haunting the House and other neighborhood fun:  Our kids love decorating the house, whether it is for Halloween or Christmas.  They get mad, and I might say even “pissed,” if we do not do our part in joining in on the holiday fun.  This year my husband came up with a great way to decorate the house.  He has been gathering materials all week and so hopefully in another week or two… his masterpiece will be revealed.  Our neighborhood also has a Halloween festival.  There is usually dancing and contests, some crafts and a potluck.  It is one of the best events we do in our neighborhood.  It was last year at the festival that we discovered my son’s dancing talent.                                   
                         This song soon became his favorite song to dance to.  Recently, he has learned to break dance so I am guessing he will rock the dance floor again this year.
  5. To Scare or be Scared:  I love being scared.  Thankfully it is really easy for me to get scared so it is not hard to do.  When I was in college I loved to go to the haunted houses and haunted forests, but since having kids, we have not been.  Luckily, our neighborhood creates our own haunted forest.  Last year was the first year the kids went though the forest and they were scared.  Since I am a wonderful mother who likes to document rites of passages, I videotaped the fun last year…
      My daughter was so embarrassed!  I don’t know why though… I think it would be the perfect audition tape if ever she wanted to be in a horror movie.  She has a great scream.

So there you have it some of the reasons I love Fall… There are more, but maybe I will share them with you guys later.