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Looking around the house… I realize I am pretty close to insane.  Every weekend the house get fairly clean and then…

Monday saunters in and throws a party with all his favorite homies.

Tuesday never leaves the party and passes out taking a shelf full of toys with it as it falls to the floor.

Wednesday comes in like a thief and opens all the drawers and spews papers from every file cabinet in the office as if it is looking for loot (which we don’t have or we would have a maid).

Thursday is exhausted and looks at the mess and decides that watching Vampire Diaries is a much better plan.

Friday comes home from his walk in the woods and realizes that while it has been away  some bratty goldilocks have come and eaten the porridge and trashed his favorite chair.

What makes me insane is that there is a small part of me that thinks this will change.  I tell myself that this week…

  • The kids will put their shoes in the closet
  • I will not be too exhausted to do the dishes before I go to bed
  • I will manage to move those boxes of office stuff up to the attic
  • The kids won’t dump a bin of toys onto the ground then decide 2 minutes later that they would rather watch TV.
Each Friday… I feel insane and wonder what could have possessed me to think that this week would be any different.  At least, this week they are spreading awareness for mental illnesses…
How did I celebrate?
I made a visit to my psychiatrist, Dr. Obvious (not his real name).  I go to talk to him about my struggles with ADHD and he checks to make sure that I am still tolerating my meds… my medication that happens to be virtually impossible to find, but that is another rant I will save for another day.
He also checks to make sure I am getting enough sleep…and I tell him that I am not. This leads to the discussion of why not.
Then he shares how everything I have talked about relates to ADHD.
He then thoughtfully pondered all the information I shared and then shared that he thinks that I may have a problem saying no.
He feels I am overextended… which he tsked me for… again.
Every visit he gives me homework, a little something for me to ponder and work on.
This visit’s homework… Learn to say no**.
Personally, I think he shares a bit of my insanity… because I really think he expects things to be different when I see him next.  I think he has forgotten that he has given me this homework assignment before.  Just goes to show that we all are a bit insane, aren’t we?
* I would like to thank The Bloggess for making a wonderful card to share with your friends to make them aware that you are celebrating this week with them.
If you want to buy it Zazzle.com is having a Columbus day sale… Click here to go to her shop.
**  My husband wants it documented that I do not have a problem telling him “no”, so I only have to work on it with people I am not married to.